Configuring the Audio Settings in Kontakt

Selecting your Audio Device

  1. In KONTAKT's Main Control Panel, click the Options icon to open the Options dialog.
  2. In the Audio Tab of the Options dialog, select your audio interface from the Device drop-down menu.

Configuring the Instrument's Output Channel 

Once the audio interface driver is selected, the loaded KONTAKT Instruments will automatically be routed to your audio interface's first available stereo output.

To route an Instrument to another output of your audio interface, do the following: 

  1. In KONTAKT's header bar, click the Workspace icon and tick Outputs to show the Outputs section.
  2. Open the Instrument's Output drop-down menu and choose the stereo output you want to route the instrument to. If there is no available additional stereo output channel, choose Create separate Master Output Channel.
  3. This will create an additional Stereo Output Channel Strip in the Outputs Section of KONTAKT, named after the Instrument routed to this output. This output channel will automatically be routed to the first stereo output of your audio interface.
  4. Open the Channel Output Configuration menu by clicking the button 1|2 at the bottom of the output channel strip.
  5. In the channel output configuration menu, select the physical outputs of your audio interface that you want to route the channel strip's audio to.
  6. Close the channel output configuration window by clicking Ok. The button 3|4 at the bottom of the Output Channel strip now reflects the changes you made to the audio routing.

The audio outputs of your KONTAKT Instrument are now routed to your audio interface's physical outputs 3 and 4 through a separate output channel strip.