Electri6ity Updates

Vir2 have released an update, version 1.1 to Electri6ity. This is a free update for registered users. Just go to the Vir2 downloads page to download the latest update.

Electri6ity - 1.1

Requires Kontakt Player 4.1 or higher

Updates and fixes

- added guitar body simulation (Settings Page => Strings => Guitar Body Simulation)
- option to reduce or turn off auto vibrato for chords
- added slide noise triggering. Now the slide up and down keys have two functions: if notes are
  played and held so a slide can be played, they trigger slides. If no notes are played the slide
  up and down key plays a slide noise. The length off the slide is depending on the velocity you
  play the slide trigger keys with: hard=long slide noise, soft=short slide noise. You can stop
  they slide noise by releasing the trigger key.
- option to change the timbre of the finger up release (Settings Page => Releases)
- option to change the timbre of the muted notes (Settings Page => Tone)
- you can now change the release time (Settings Page => Tone) for each mode (poly,
  solo, legato and for muted notes)
- double-tracking multi changed, added "Reset Humanize" to get the same humanize
  results each mixdown

- improved overall CPU usage
- improved note transitions
- improved legato mode
- improved chucka-chuckas
- improved slides (less CPU consumption)
- improved slide noises (much more audible) - improved muted sound
- improved default setting changes
- improved noises (pre-pick noise, release noises, etc.) - improved humanizing
- improved sympathetic resonance

- fixed a problem with an error message which occurred in very rare cases - possible problem with
  Electri6ity initialization on slower machines fixed - strange release note behavior in some
  cases fixed.
- various smaller fixes, tweaks and adjustments