Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar

Vir2 have released an update, version 1.2 to Fractured. This is a free update for registered users. Just go to the Vir2 downloads page to download the latest update.

Fractured - 1.2

Updates and fixes

- To install this update simply replace the old “Instruments” and “Multis” folders located in
  your Fractured Library folder with the new folders included in the latest update. We do
  recommend making a backup of the original Instruments and Multis folders before proceeding.
- Place the “stereo scrape double ringmod.ncw” file inside the “Samples” folder located inside
  the Fractured Library folder.
Note: If you have any projects or templates that contain any instruments from Fractured, you will
need to reload those instruments to insure that you are using the latest version.