How to expand Rar files

All of the Time + Space  exclusive downloads are compressed using Rar files. Each product is  split into multiple Rar files. It is important to download all of the  parts before you can install the product.

The download parts  contain everything you would expect in the physical product. The Rar  files are not split into individual sections for various formats. Once  you have downloaded and expanded all of the Rar files you can select the  appropriate format such as Apple Loops or Rex files.

If you are using a PC you can use either WinRar or WinZip to expand the files.

WinRar - 
WinZip - h

If you are using a Mac you can use UnRarX to expand the files.

UnRarX -

Once  you have downloaded all of the Rar files, double click on the first  file to start to the extraction. Once the first file starts to expand it  will automatically expand all of the remaining Rar files, which you  have downloaded.

Note: If one of the download files is  incomplete you will need to download that file again. You will need to  have all the download parts completed to expand the entire product.


If you are experiencing  problems extracting files using WinRar or WiZip please make sure you  have the latest versions installed. Older versions of WinRar and WinZip  can cause problems when extracting certain files.