How to Install Epica Bass v1.2 Update

These instructions have been put together for  if you already have Epica Bass installed. Existing users will have also  received the update content files via email.

 1: Make sure you have backed up any of your own presets that you have made to a separate safe folder.

2:  Load up Kontakt (must be Kontakt standalone and not run from Kontakt  inside a DAW or Maschine etc) and in the Libraries Tab go to 'Open  containing folder' which should look like this:

3: Now that the installation folder is located you need to go back to Kontakt and go to 'Remove Library'. This will not delete the installation files it just takes the library out of Kontakt.

4: Next we need to close the Kontakt standalone program and get ready to update the installation folder.

5: In the Epica Bass Folder we will be basically replacing everything except the samples. So we need to delete EVERYTHING in this folder except the 'Samples' folder.

6: Now you should just have only the 'Sample' folder left, so next we enter the 'Samples' folder and delete everything EXCEPT the very large .nkx files

7: Now we need to replace all the deleted files with the new V1.2 Epica Bass files. So drag the new updated Documentation, Instruments and also Epica Bass.nicnt file into your Epica Bass installation folder.

8: Then we need to take the updated .nkc and .nkr files....

...and place them into the main 'Samples' folder that is in the Epica Bass installation folder. It should look like this:

9: With all the files replaced it is time to Launch Kontakt standalone (not within Daw or Maschine etc must be standalone) and click on 'Add Library'

10: The last step is to point Kontakt to the Epica Bass installation folder. You won't need to add your serial again so you are ready to go.