How to Register, Install and Authorise Synthogy Boxed Edition

This article is to be going through the registration, installation and authorisation of Synthogy products. This guide goes over the physical boxed edition of Synthogy. 

Note: This guide was created using Synthogy American Concert D on OS X 10.6.8. Please note you will be required to have an iLok key for the authorisation process.

Upon purchasing the Synthogy American Concert D from the Time+Space website, you will be sent out the box set of discs for the installation.

Step 1: When you have inserted the first Ivory II American disc, you will need to run the 'Install Ivory American' file.

Note: The first disc will install the Standalone Ivory player and the plug-in formats, these will need to be placed into your System folder. You will also be prompted later for where you would like the library files to be installed (for if you are using a second sound storage drive).

Step 2: Once you have read through the 'Introduction' and 'Read Me' information you will next be required to agree to the Software License Agreement. This will then take you onto the Install prompt, where you can select what plug-in formats you require being installed, it is recommended to leave this as default to allow for a full installation.

Step 3: Upon pressing continue you will be prompted to choose the install location, it is recommended to leave this as the default system folder and click Install.

Step 4: After a few minutes you will be prompted to select the location of where you would like the Ivory library installed. With the sound library being 49GB in size you may wish to install your sound library onto a secondary hard drive.

Note: You must only have one Ivory Items folder for all of your Ivory libraries, if this is not your first Ivory product please locate your original Ivory Items folder.

Step 5: When you have selected your install folder the Ivory Library Installer prompt will shortly launch, here you will see a list of files that are being installed and a process bar that informs you when the next disc will be required.

Step 6: When the next disc is required you will be prompted with an on screen message, please ensure you enter in the correct disc number that is being requested.

Note: If you have more than one CD drive in your computer, the Ivory Library Installer is able to have multiple discs installing at the same time, to speed up the installation process.

Step 7: Once you have installed the data from all 7 discs you will be prompted with a success screen and requested to Restart your machine.

Step 8: When your machine has restarted you will need to launch your web browser and register your American Concert D. To do this you will need to go to the Synthogy website at

Step 9: Once you are on their website, you will need to go to the Registration tab and click the 'go to Ivory II registration' link.

Step 10: On this screen you will be asked for your Synthogy product serial number, which will be located in your Synthogy booklet. Next you will need to enter your name and email address along with your Account User ID.

If you do not have an iLok account please see our knowledge base article on registering and using an iLok key, linked here.

Step 11: Once you have entered in your details and have filled out their short questionnaire, you will be redirected to the iLok website where your new license will now be available.

For information on how to transfer the license onto your iLok key, please see our knowledge base article, linked here.

Step 12: Now that you have transferred the license onto your iLok key, you should be able to launch your Ivory Standalone application, or the Ivory plug-in inside of your chosen host application. Once Ivory II has loaded you can select your American Concert D in the Piano Keyset selector.