How to Register, Install and Authorize iZotope Products

In this installation guide we will be using Ozone Imager to demonstrate how to install iZotope products. This guide is easy to follow for both Mac and PC users.

Download the Isotope Product Portal from the Izotope website. Once you have downloaded and installed the application, login to your user account with iZotope.

A view of all of your available products will be shown within the first window. 

Next you will need to click the install product, in our example we will be using Ozone Advance.  

When the file has finished downloading to your computer, it will then automatically open the installer file. 

Once you have gone through the install wizard and accepted the software license agreement, you will be prompted to select which features you would like to install.

If you are not sure what you will need, it is advisable to just leave the default options ticked and press 'Continue'.

Once you have selected your install features, press 'Continue' and start the 'Install'.

Near the end of the installation, you will be prompted if you would like to 'check for updates to iZotope software', press yes on this prompt, and your plug-ins will be scanned to see if there are any newer versions for any of your iZotope products.

If any updates are found, you will be prompted with an updates window where you can follow the on screen prompts.

Once the installation is complete and all checks have been run, you will be prompted with an installation was successful window, which you can then 'Close'.


When the installation is finished, you will next need to open the plugin and authorize the product. It is always best practice to authorize using the standalone version.

To open the plugin on Mac, simply go to the Spotlight (top-right magnify glass) and search for the plugin. On PC go to Start, Applications and look for the plugin icon.

The first time the plugin opens, you will be prompted with an Authorization box.

After clicking 'Authorize' you will need to enter your serial number (provided in your email) and the Name and E-mail address used to create your iZotope user account.

[If you intend to use plugin offline, here you will need to press the 'Offline Authorization' button and follow the on screen instructions.]

After pressing 'Authorize' you will see a pop-up box confirming your details for you to then press 'Submit'.

The Plugin should now be fully authorized and ready to go!

If you intend to use the plugin inside of your music software as a plug-in, you should now open your music host / DAW and check the plug-in is now available.