Installation Guide - Acoustic Legends


To install Acoustic Legends HD, simply insert Disc 1 into your computer and run the Acoustic Legends HD installer.

The installer will install three separate components of the product: the library (which is approximately 19GB in size, and can be placed anywhere on your system), the engine (Kontakt Player 2, which should be installed in either the Applications folder for Mac users, or the Program Files folder for PC users), and the authorizer (NI Service Center, which like the engine should also be installed in either the Applications folder for Mac users, or the Program Files folder for PC users).

Important note: The installer will copy over only the sample data that resides on Disc 1. You must then manually copy over the sample data from the other discs (the NKX and NKC files) so that they sit alongside the NKX and NKC files that were installed by the factory installer.

When running the installer in its default mode, it will install not only the standalone application of the Kontakt Player 2 engine, but also all plug-in versions so that you can use Acoustic Legends HD within any major sequencer. If you do not plan to use the plug-in versions, or only need certain plug-in versions, you can use the Custom Install option in the installer. However, it is generally recommended to use the Easy Install option unless you are certain you will never use another version.


After you've installed Acoustic Legends HD, your computer will begin a 30-day demo period of the library. The library will work fully during the demo period. To permanently authorize your computer, you must register the software. Registration is handled by the Native Instruments Service Center application. If you are a Mac user, this will be located in your Applications folder. If you are a Windows user, this will be in Program Files.

Launch the Native Instruments Service Center. You will be prompted to enter your e-mail address and password that make up your Native Instruments account, or will be given an option to create an Native Instruments account if you don't already have one.

Once inside the Native Instruments Service Center, it will give you a list of all the Native Instruments and NI-powered products on your hard drive and give you the option to activate them.

You are allowed to install and use Acoustic Legends HD on up to two computers simultaneously. You can manage your two authorizations, and can deactivate the license for computers you no longer use or own, on the Native Instruments web site.


After installation, please make sure that you are fully updated to the most recent versions of the three components that make up the Acoustic Legends HD package: the library (which contains all the patch information and programming), the engine (which is powered by Kontakt Player 2), and the authorizer (Service Center). It is possible that any of these components may have a more recent version than shipped in your physical package, so you should check for updates to each of these three.

You can do this by visiting the web site and checking the Support area.