Installation Guide - Audio Arps


Your purchase confirmation email contains a download link for the Connect downloader and a serial code. Once you have installed Connect, enter your serial code and click ‘Download’.

You will then be prompted to choose where the ‘ARPS’ folder will be installed on your machine.

Once the download begins, be sure not to move, rename, access, or modify any of the files in any way until the installation is 100% complete. If you tamper with any of these files before the installation is complete, ARPS will not install properly for you.

Once ARPS has finished downloading, Connect will unpack the .zip and .rar archive files automatically and install them in a single folder called ‘ARPS.’ This ‘ARPS’ folder contains three subfolders called Samples,Instruments, and Data, as well as a ARPS.nicnt file.

Take note of where this folder is located, because you will reference this location in the next couple of steps.It’s very important that the file structure is maintained within the ‘ARPS’ folder.