Installation Guide - Prisma

Prisma Installation Guide

Please read this first:

• Prisma is a free product for Rob Papen (instrument) Plug-in users.
Even if you own a limited amount of RP instruments, you can still use Prisma. Presets from Prisma that use instruments that you don’t own will be ignored when loading a preset but the other instruments will remain loaded into the Prisma preset.

• With presets from Prisma you can compare with loading a preset inside a sampler. Because of the amount of data, it will take longer to load. A message ‘Loading please wait...’ will be displayed inside the readout field of Prisma to inform you that the preset is being loaded. Please wait before you play until this message disappears.

• By installing Prisma you agree to the license terms from Rob Papen, which you can read at the very end of this document.

• 64bit OS and Music Program. 
We offer the 32bit version of Prisma, but strongly advise that you use 64bit OS and 64bit Music Programs. Using 32bit is not recommended with today’s music software.

• CPU load
Prisma allows you to use 4 layers, but this means of course more CPU usage, since it is similar to using 4 tracks in your music host. So keep this in mind while making music and it may also be wise to record the audio or 'freeze' Prisma in your musical piece if you don’t wish to change the part anymore.


• Log-in to your account and visit “My Products”.

• There you can click on 'Get Deal #2'

• After clicking 'Get Deal #2', Prisma's product registration will appear inside “My Products”

• Click on the download link that will pop up at the lower left corner below the Prisma product registration to open the download page.

• Download the correct version for your computer. 

• Installing on PC: run the plug-in installer. There is no need to enter a serial. Please read the instructions during install.

Important point 1: If you are installing Prisma to another folder, please select the base folder to install to. For instance, if you are installing to “C:\VSTplugins”, the installer will install the Prisma.dll in the “C:\VSTplugins\Rob Papen\Prisma\” folder. This is the correct way of doing it. Please avoid installing to folders such as “C:\VSTplugins\Rob Papen” because the installer will install to “C:\VSTplugins\Rob Papen\Rob Papen\Prisma”.

Important point 2: At a given moment the Prisma installer will ask you where you installed the RP plug-ins. If this location is again different from the default setting, please select the correct folder. The default location is:C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTplugins\Rob Papen 

If your location is different, you can select it during install and select the Rob Papen folder. Note that all RP products need to be at one (the same)location.

Note: if the Rob Papen plug-ins don’t show up after installing Prisma, visit the back panel by clicking on the Prisma logo and re-scan again or select the correct location of the RP plug-ins.

64 Bit version – Install this version if you are using a 64bit music program (host). Default location: Program Files \steinberg\VSTplugins\

32 Bit version – We offer the 32bit version of Prisma, but do strongly advise to use 64bit OS and 64bit Music Programs. Using 32bit is not recommended with today’s music software.

Install this version if you are using a 32bit version of Windows, or are using a32bit music program (host), even if you are using a 64bit version of Windows.Default location: Program Files \steinberg\VSTplugins\

Note: if you are installing the 32bit version in a 64 bit version of Windows,please do install in ‘Program Files (x86) \steinberg\VSTplugins\’

For details on how to use plug-in’s in general, please check your music software(host) documentation.