Installation Guide - Shreddage


To install the library, first ensure that you have both .RAR files downloaded. Then, simply extract one of them to the directory of your choosing. It will create a “Shreddage” folder in that directory containing the library and all of its components.

The unpacked folder will contain four subfolders: Patches, Samples, UI and Amp Sim Presets. The Patches folder contains various subfolders containing .NKI and .NKM files, while Samples contains all of the audio content, UI contains the graphics files used in the Kontakt interface, and Amp Sim Presets contains .FXB and .FXP files for virtual amp/cab software.

Patches from Shreddage are loaded and used simply by opening an instance of Kontakt 2 (or higher) and loading the .NKI instrument or .NKM multi file you wish to play. There is no authorization or registration required.

All audio content for this library is “unlocked” and editable in WAV format! To access the content, browse to thePatches folder, then open up one of the subfolders, such as “Components”, and select a file to drag into Kontakt. This canalso be done from within Kontakt‟s browser or the Load Instrument menu.