Installation Guide - Softube Plugins

Installation Guide

Please follow these steps to activate your product:

Step 1: Go to to transfer the license to your iLok account. You can register a free account at

Note: You will need the License Code above and your User ID. A USB iLok key is not required, but optional.

Step 2: Make sure that you have the latest version of iLok License Manager in-stalled on your computer. You also get this for free from

Step 3: Launch the iLok License Manager application on your computer. Drag and drop the newly received license to the location you would like to have it on|either the computer icon, or the iLok key icon (if you have a USB iLok key connected to your computer).

Step 4: Download the latest version of Softube Plug-ins Control from The installer includes all Softube´s plug-ins and will let you easily install any plug-ins you have bought a license for.

To install Softube Plugins, see the steps below:

Step 1: Download the Gobbler App

Step 2: Open the Gobbler App and sign in using your Softube account

Step 3: Click the "Install All" button in the Gobbler App. This will install all of the products that you have licenses for. 

Step 4: To activate new licenses leave Gobbler running in the background. Start your DAW and load the new plugin into a track. The first time this is done you will be prompted to active this plugin. Follow the instructions displayed onscreen. 

Note: All products require at least Intel Core/AMD Athlon 64 or better processor. Please see the System Requirements for more information. If you have an older system, go to the Legacy Installers page.