Installation Guide - Softube Plugins

Installation Guide

Please follow these steps to activate your product:

1. Go to to transfer the license to your iLok account. You can register a free account at

You will need the License Code above and your User ID.

Please note a USB iLok key is not required, but optional.

2. Make sure that you have the latest version of iLok License Manager in-stalled on your computer. You also get this for free from

3. Launch the iLok License Manager application on your computer. Drag and drop the newly received license to the location you would like to have it on|either the computer icon, or the iLok key icon (if you have a USB iLok key connected to your computer).

4. Download the latest version of Softube Plug-ins Control from The installer includes all Softube´s plug-ins and will let you easily install any plug-ins you have bought a license for.

To install Softube Plugins, see the steps below:

1: Download the Gobbler App

2: Open the Gobbler App and sign in using your Softube account

3: Click the "Install All" button in the Gobbler App. This will install all of the products that you have licenses for. 

4: To activate new licenses leave Gobbler running in the background. Start your DAW and load the new plugin into a track. The first time this is done you will be prompted to active this plugin. Follow the instructions displayed onscreen. 

All products require at least Intel Core/AMD Athlon 64 or better processor. Please see the System Requirements for more information. If you have an older system, go to the Legacy Installers page.