Installation Guide - Stylus RMX (Mac DVD)




This chapter covers how to install Stylus RMX from the version 1.2 DVD-ROMs included in your package. To learn how to update to version 1.5, please download the Full 1.5 Update archive from theStylus RMX Support Page area of our website and see the READ ME file included in the archive.

VIDEO: We highly recommend viewing the appropriate video tutorial on the installation process. It covers everything you need to know about installation.



 • Insert Stylus RMX Disc 1 DVD and open it.

 Open the Mac OSX folder.

 Run Stylus RMX Disc 1 installer.

  When requested by OSX, enter your OSX Admin password.

 • Press Continue when you see the Realtime Groove Module cover page.

 Please read the entire FAQ and License Agreement. If you agree to it, then press Accept.

 • Next you will be asked if you have 8gb of free space on the hard drive.  This does not have to be your main system drive, but it will need to be a drive that will be connected when using Stylus RMX.

 • In the main installer window, there is a drop-down menu in the upper left. This is where you will choose the installation method to be performed.

NOTE: If you want to install to your startup drive, choose Easy Install. Your startup drive will need to have 8 gigabytes of free space. If you want to install to a different location than the startup drive, then use Custom Install. Make sure that location has 8gb of free space and remember the exact location since you will also need to specify this when you install disc 2.  After you choose Custom Install, a list will appear.  Check the ones you want to install. If you choose Custom Install for Disc 1, then you will also need to choose custom install for Disc 2. If you want to Uninstall Stylus RMX, then choose Uninstall.

 Press the install button and installation will begin. The progress bar will look like it has finished even though it has just begun to install the large sound files.  This is normal behavior for the installer.

 After Disc 1 has finished installing, a dialog box will say Installation of Stylus RMX Disc 1 successful!  Press Continue and then press Quit on the next dialog box unless you want to do further installations.

Eject Disc 1 and insert Disc 2.  Follow the relevant instructions in steps 1-8 mentioned above.  Once you arrive at the main installer window, make sure you choose the same installation method and the exact location that you chose for Disc 1.  Press the Install button and the install will begin and the progress bar will again very quickly look like it has finished, even though it has just begun the 30-45 minute installation of the large sound files.  It takes a while to load all of these great sounds!  Once it has finished installing, a dialog box will say Stylus RMX Disc 2 installation complete Press the Quit Installer button and the Stylus RMX installation is complete.  Enjoy!



Before you begin to uninstall, you will need to quit all applications. Follow the relevant steps in steps 1-8 above, then choose Uninstall from the drop down menu on the upper left of the window. Using the drop down menu in the lower left of the window, choose the disc or folder from which to uninstall. Click on the Uninstall button. If there are any other open applications, then the uninstaller will ask you to quit them or you can press Cancel if you choose not to uninstall at this time. Otherwise, press Continue and any open applications will be quit and Stylus RMX will be uninstalled. As the items are uninstalled, the window will show the number of items to be deleted. A dialog box will tell you if the uninstall was successful.  Press the OK button and you will return to the main installer window. If you are finished uninstalling, press Quit.



Your OSX operating system will ask you for your OSX Admin password.  This is not a password from Spectrasonics.  This is a password that is created in System Preferences > Accounts. If you do not know this password then contact the person who setup the Admin account password in OSX for the computer.