Installation Guide - Stylus RMX (Windows DVD)


GETTING STARTED - Installation on Windows


This chapter covers how to install Stylus RMX from the version 1.2 DVD-ROMs included in your package. To learn how to update to version 1.5 and how to install the Windows RTAS version of the plug-in, please download the Full 1.5 Update archive from the Stylus RMX Support Page area of our website and see the READ ME file included in the archive.

 VIDEO: We highly recommend viewing the appropriate video tutorial on the installation process. It covers everything you need to know about installation.


  Please insert Stylus RMX Disc 1 into your computers DVD drive. 

 • Open Windows Explorer (Windows Key + E). Locate and select the drive letter of your DVD drive. There are three main folders, Mac OSX, SAGE and Windows on Stylus RMX Disc 1.

 Double click the Windows folder.

 • Select and double click the Stylus RMX Disc 1 Installer

 • Once the Stylus RMX Setup splash screen appears, select the Next button.

 • Select and click Next on the Welcome screen.

 • Select and click Yes if you agree with the Software License Agreement. No, if you do not agree. (Please read this carefully, as this contains many important FAQs regarding legal ownership and usage concerning Stylus RMX)

 Select Next on the Ready To Install screen.

(This creates the necessary path for Stylus RMX's large sound files, C:\Program Files\Spectrasonics)



  Within the Choose Directory dialogue, choose the Path to locate your host's Vstplugins folder for installing the Stylus RMX.dll. Double click through the Directories until you have located the desired Vstplugins folder. Select OK

 NOTE: The example shown above and in the is for Cubase SX2, e.g., C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins. Please consult your hosts documentation regarding its Vstplugins path.

 The last screen will confirm that you have finished - Stylus RMX plug-in installed!

Select and click Close.

IMPORTANT - You must still install the large data files from Disc 1 and Disc 2!

See more details in the next section.



 • Locate the SAGE folder on Stylus RMX Disc 1

 • To copy, click + hold, then drag the SAGE folder into C:\Program Files\Spectrasonics

 • Once copying is complete, remove Stylus RMX Disc 1 and insert Disc 2 into the DVD drive. Copy the Kit Modules.db and RMX Grooves.db files on Stylus RMX Disc 2, located in the DVDs SAGE\Stylus RMX\Core Library folder, into your hard drives location:

 C:\Program Files\Spectrasonics\SAGE\Stylus RMX\Core Library

  1. NOTE: “Program Files” may be named differently on non-English versions of Windows.
  2. NOTE: It will require approximately 25 to 35 minutes, depending upon your DVD player speed.

 Once the manual copying of the large sound files has completed, Stylus RMX is ready play!

 VIDEO: Please refer to the file on the Stylus RMX Disc 1, located in the Windows folder for further instructions.



The large RMX sound files may be stored easily to a secondary IDE or external hard drive.


 Drag the SAGE folder on Stylus RMX Disc 1 to the hard drive location of your choice.

(The below example is with an external fire wire drive, located on Drive E:\)

 Next, drag the Kit Modules.db and RMX Grooves.db files on Stylus RMX Disc 2, located in the DVD installers SAGE\Stylus RMX\Core Library folder to your hard drives location which contains the SAGE folder.

 Next, right-click the SAGE folder to create a Shortcut To SAGE.

 • Next, copy the shortcut to C:\Program Files\Spectrasonics.

 • Finally, make certain to remove the Shortcut To from the name,

leaving the folder shortcut named SAGE.