Installation Guide - uBeat Titles


Your purchase confirmation email contains a download link for the Connect downloader and a serial code. Once you have installed Connect, enter your serial code and click ‘Download’.

You will then be prompted to choose where the ‘uBEAT’ folder will be installed on your machine.

File structure:
Once the download begins, be sure not to move, rename, access, or modify any of the files in any way until the installation is 100% complete. If you tamper with any of these files before the installation is complete, uBEATwill not install properly for you.

Once uBEAT has finished downloading, Connect will unpack the .zip and .rar archive files automatically and install them in a single folder called ‘uBEAT.’ This ‘uBEAT’ folder contains six subfolders calledAdditional Files, Documentation, Instruments, MIDI Files, Samples, and Snapshots, as well as ‘uBEAT.nicnt’ file.

Adding uBEAT to your Kontakt library:

  • In order to add your copy of uBEAT to the Kontakt library, you will need to click on the ‘Add Library’ button in the Libraries tab (highlighted in the screenshot).
  • Then you will need to locate and select the ‘uBEAT’ folder on your computer.
  • Once the library has been added, you will need to click on the‘Activate’ button (highlighted alongside).
  • When prompted, enter your serial number, which is the same code used to download the library from Continuata. You will find this in your email purchase confirmation. Please paste this link here to activate the product withNative Instruments