Installation Guide - Using The ToonTrack Product Manager

Installation Guide

1: Start by downloading the ToonTrack Product Manager at it will be in your computer's default download directory.

2: Double click the installer to launch it. Follow the onscreen instructions.

3: Once finished the application will be available to use.
On PC a shortcut will be placed on your desktop
On Mac the Product Manager will be located in your 'Appications/ToonTrack' folder.

4: Launch the Product Manager application and input your ToonTrack account email and password. All of your registered products will appear and be ready to downloaded, updated, or authorized. 

Downloading Products

1: To download a product, locate your product in the man section list of products and click the read 'Download Product' button to commence.

2: Once the download has finished, simply click the install button. Follow the onscreen instructions and let the program complete the installation.

3: When you have closed the installer, the Product Manager will recognize that the product is installed and a red ‘Authorize’ button will appear. Simply click this button to authorize.

4: Once authorized, the Product Manager will check to see if there are any available updates that need to be installed. If so, a red download button will appear for the updates.

5: Once the updates are finished downloading, start the installers and let them finish. The Product Manager will display checkmarks for each of the completed steps until finally showing a green checkmark that reads “Ready to use”, indicating that your product is fully ready.