Installation Guide - Vienna Instruments Library Installer

Installing your Software Product

Download the Software Installer and double-click on it to start the installation procedure. Please follow the onscreen instructions.

MIRx Venues and MIR RoomPacks may also be found among the Software Installers.

Installing your Library Product

Step 1: To download the sound files of your product, please install the latest version of the Vienna Download Manager from this link here.

Step 2: In case you haven’t done so already; Download and install the most recent eLicenser Control Center. Enter the Activation Code you received with your confirmation email into the eLicenser Control Center to download your license(s) to your ViennaKey or other eLicenser USB key.

Step 3: Download the Library Download File (under Library Downloads) and open it by double-clicking the "*.vsldownload" file. This will start the Vienna Download Manager and the download will start automatically.

Step 4: Once the download is finished, the installation process will start right away. Please note that the eLicenser key with your license has to be connected to your computer.

Library Updates

Download all Library Updates for your registered Vienna Instruments Collections

Open the Directory Manager and drag the zipped files on top of it.

Note: You need the latest versions of the Vienna Instruments/Vienna Instruments PRO software installed on your system to run Library Updates.

You may apply a 'Library Update' multiple times without any side effects if you are not sure about the status of your sample content.

If you have received a USB Flash-drive that contains your Vienna Products (e.g., the Special Editions),the installers are also included on this device