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  1. iLok License Manager iLok USB Key or Direct To Computer

    This article is going to be going through setting up the newest version of the PACE iLok system. With this major update comes the requirement to install the iLok License Manager onto your computer - rather than using an online license host, like the...
  2. Installation Guide - Keyscape

    How to install Spectrasonics Keyscape
  3. How do I find my SAGE folder (Stylus RMX Library)?

    The data files for Stylus RMX are stored in your SAGE folder. When you update your patches or soundsources, you are updating files in your SAGE folder, which was created when you originally installed Stylus RMX. Your SAGE folder is located inside yo...
  4. What are Kontakt Files & Kontakt Libraries?

    Kontakt Libraries can be used in the free Kontakt Player. Kontakt Files require the full Kontakt engine to be used.
  5. Installation Guide - Superior Drummer 3

    TOONTRACK PRODUCT MANAGER INSTALLATION GUIDE Step 1: Start by downloading the Toontrack Product Manager at www.toontrack.com/product-manager .  It will be in your computer's default download directory. Step 2: Double click the i...
  6. Installation Guide - OmniSphere 2 (Mac Download)

    Installation Guide - OmniSphere 2 (Mac Download)
  7. Installation Guide - How To Load an NI Sample Library

    Most Native Instruments sample libraries (e.g. the ABBEY ROAD DRUMMERS, the SYMPHONY SERIES or pianos like UNA CORDA) are designed to be used with the KONTAKT 5 Sampler. In case you do not own the full version of KONTAKT 5, there is a free KONTAKT ...
  8. Installation Guide - OmniSphere 2 (Mac USB)

    Installation Guide - OmniSphere 2 (Mac USB)
  9. How to Register, Install and Authorize iZotope Products

    In this installation guide we will be using Ozone Advanced to demonstrate how to install iZotope products. This guide is easy to follow for both Mac and PC users.   Please go to the Izotope website here and log into your account, &nbs...
  10. Native Instruments Kontakt 5 Updates

    26th October: Kontakt + Kontakt Player Update V5.7.1 FIXED, Kontakt 5.7.0 would crash when loading Electro-Acoustic by Soniccouture FIXED, Kontakt 5.7.0 would crash when clicking the FX Engine button on EXHALE by Output FIXED, Kontakt wou...