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Installation Guide - ProjectSAM Titles (Download)
Download your library   If you haven't done so yet, please download your library first. Please log in to / create a User Account on the ProjectSAM website, navigate to My Account to register a New Product -
Installation Guide - ProjectSAM SYMPHOBIA 2 USB Installer
INSTALLATION: USB EDITION Note: The installation steps in this chapter only apply to the boxed USB edition of SYMPHOBIA 2. Step 1: USE YOUR CHALLENGE CODE If you purchased SYMPHOBIA 2 directly from ProjectSAM, you can skip to step 2. &n...
Installation Guide - ProjectSAM Titles (USB)
For the following instructions we will use LUMINA as an example library to install from USB stick. COPY LIBRARY LUMINA is stored on a high-speed USB stick. While, technically, the library can be run directly from the stick, we do highly re...