Registration Guide - Vienna Instruments Registration

Special Editions, Download Instruments or products on USB flash drives:

Situation 1: In case you have received an email with Activation Codes, your purchased products are already registered and assigned to your account (your products were registered at purchase online or in your music-store). 

You don't need to register any Serial Numbers! Simply paste the Activation Code(s) into the eLicenser Control Center to download your permanent licenses.

Situation 2: You have received a Serial Number Certificate from your dealer. In this case, please register this Serial Number in your 'USER AREA'. You will see your Activation Code immediately. (An e-mail containing this code will be sent to you as a backup.)

Note: If you haven’t done so already, please use these Activation Codes to download your license(s) as described in the chapter eLicenser Control Center below. You need an internet access to download your license(s).

You will download and install your Download Instruments with the help of the Vienna Download Manager, available in your USER AREA.