Acon Digital Install Guide

Quick Installation Guide - Acon Digital

You will be sent a serial code for your purchase via email, then please follow the steps below to; authorise, download and install your purchase of an Acon Digital product. 

Step One: Downloading the software

1. Head to the 'Downloads' section of the Acon Digital site here:

2. Choose your product from the list and download either the macOS or Windows version depending on your system (you can also find the User Manuals here). Open your Downloads folder and run the installer by double-clicking the .exe file (PC) or double-clicking the .zip file then double-clicking the .pkg file (Mac).

Step Two: Activation

1. Open the plugin within your DAW, or launch the standalone software.

2. You will then be prompted with an activation request; simply fill out the required information, enter the serial number, and then click Authorize.