Big Fish Audio - Redeem Code Install Guide

This install guide will talk you through how to redeem, download and install Big Fish Audio products. 

Once you have made your purchase with us,  you will be sent a redeem code via email.  Once you have received this code, please follow the link here.  And it will show the following screen.

Redeem Link: 

You will need to put the following details into the boxes; First Name, Second Name, Email and the code you were sent.  Once your redemption code is processed by Big Fish Audio, you can view your links on the next page. At the same time an e-mail receipt will be sent to your e-mail address. This email will also contain your download links. Each link will be active for 24 hours. Within the 24 hour time frame, you should download and expand the files.

Note: We highly recommend archiving these files as a backup, this saves having to re-download your product if your hard drive fails or if you lose the content.


The email that follows after the redeem code in entered will look like this (see above), from here simply download all of the content from the buttons provided. You will also need a RAR software such as WinRar (PC), or UnRarX (MAC) to unpack some of the files. More about this can be read in the following article here.

Article Link: 

The download parts  contain everything you would expect in the physical product. The RAR files are not split into individual sections for various formats. Once you have downloaded and expanded all of the RAR files you can select the appropriate format such as Apple Loops or Rex files.

If you are using a PC you can use either WinRar or WinZip to expand the files.

WinRar - 
WinZip - h

If you are using a Mac you can use UnRarX to expand the files.

UnRarX -

Once  you have downloaded all of the RAR files, double click on the first  file to start to the extraction, or you can highlight all of the parts, 'right click' and press 'extract here'. Once the first file starts to expand, it will automatically expand all of the remaining RAR files which you have downloaded.

Note: If one of the download files is incomplete you will need to download that file again. You will need to have all the download parts completed to expand the entire product.


Within the download files, there is an installation guide on how to install your product. This varies for a few of the Big Fish Audio products as they have several different file formats; Kontakt Library, Kontakt Files, Wav, Rex, Apple Loops RMX, Acid. Please ensure to read the installation guide for your products directly from the email.

For installing Kontakt Libraries see here.  

For installing Kontakt Files see here.

Other formats see here.

For more information on Kontakt Files & Libraries please read the following article, this clearly states what you need and do not need for the use of the different files types. But as a summary, you need the FULL version of Kontakt for Kontakt Files and the Kontakt Player for Kontakt Libraries. 

If you have anymore questions about this article please email