Boom Library Install Guide


After downloading and opening the installer for your Boom Library plug-in please follow the on-screen instructions to install the plug-in. Files will be copied into the common VST2.4, AU (OS X only) or Pro Tools plug-in folders on your computer. Your host should recognize the plug-in automatically with the next restart and you will be asked to register the plug-in with your iLok account. 


During the first start of your host after installation, the iLok registration window pops up. The plug-in is licensed using the Pace iLok system. You need to have an iLok account in order to use Boom Library plug-ins, however setting up an iLok account is FREE on 

You will find all necessary information on how to setup an iLok account on the iLok website. You can either authorize the plug-in to your computer or a 2nd or higher generation iLok. 

After your purchase, you automatically receive an order confirmation from us containing the download link for the installer plus a 30 digit long iLok activation code (i.e. 1234-1234-1234-1234-1234-1234-1234-12)

  • To activate this license, open the iLok License Manager application.
  • Either select the menu Licenses -> Redeem Activation Code or click on the small Redeem Activation Code Icon on the upper right of the application.
  • You should then copy paste the entire code you received from us into the entry form. Select your computer as the activation location to immediately activate the license on this iLok and confirm the location.
  • Now you are ready to go. Here is a step by step tutorial for that: