Gothic Instruments Snapshots - Install Guide

In this installation guide, it will walk you through how to install the new Snapshot Feature

If you have used previous Dronar Modules, note that important improvements have been implemented for this and future modules with the result of massively speeding up load times and preset auditioning while reducing CPU and RAM overhead.

The most obvious change is the removal of the previous slow-loading preset system (loading in .nki files each with a selection of 12 drones) in favour of now quickly loading only 1 drone while accessing all the others instantly via the snapshots system. Goodbye 10-second load times!

The new snapshots system requires carefully following the INSTALLATION instructions below where you need to manually copy a folder of snapshot presets to your system drive’s Kontakt folder in order to access the supplied presets. However, once you’ve taken this small initial folder copying step, you’ll find that everything is MUCH quicker than previous modules.


The first step is to install the whole library to your preferred Kontakt samples location. After this you need to install the snapshot presets, instructions below:

You must manually copy the “Dronar Glitchscapes” folder which is inside the folder named “Snapshots (copy contents to Kontakt directory)” to your “Kontakt” directory found on your system drive:


Mac OS Snapshots Folder:
System Drive/Users/<your username>/Documents/Native Instruments/UserContent/Kontakt/

PC Snapshots Folder:
C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\Kontakt\

Once you have copied the “Dronar Glitchscapes” folder to your system drive’s “Kontakt” folder, the presets will become accessible from the Glitchscapes MAIN page.

Once in the correct place your snapshots should look like this:

Note that they have to be in the …/User Content/Kontakt/ folder – NOT the Kontakt 5 folder.

If you don’t have a User Content folder, please create your own /User Content/Kontakt/folders inside the Native Instruments folder.