GPO 5 Updates

Garritan have released an update to Garritan Personal Orchestra. This is a free update for registered users. Login to your Garritan user area to download the latest update.


Updates and fixes:

- Optimized the default volume levels for new Brass and String Instruments to create a better blend across the library.
- Fine-tuned Brass KeySwitch instruments to create a better balance across the switches within the patches
- Adjusted loop points for Violins 1 and Violins 2 Harmonics patches
- Added Stereo Stage controls for all new Brass Instruments
- Fixed an issue where Ensemble Presets were not loading all of the instruments properly
- Fixed an issue with Ensemble Presets not loading with enough default memory
- ARIA Player AAX Plugin is now recognized as valid after installing GPO5
- Removed outdated ARIA Player user manual pdf. from new installations
- GPO 5 now appears in the Programs and Features control panel on Windows
- GPO 5 User Manual updated