How to download Synchro Arts Software

1. Visit Synchro Arts Download page.

2. Find/select the product’s plug-in/standalone download compatible with your operating system and DAW

3. On the next page, choose to download the latest version and then complete the registration form.

4. Click the download link on the next page and wait for the download to complete. Once done, open your Downloads folder and double-click the .exe (PC) or .dmg (Mac) file to start the installation. This will install the standalone app, as well as the plug-in.

  • If you are on a Mac, you will also need to click the .pkg file in the window that appears.

5. Restart your computer, launch your DAW, and insert the plug-in.

  • For Pro Tools users, the software is located in the AudioSuite menu, not as an insert plug-in


1. Launch the iLok License Manager.

2. Enter your Activation Code and click Next.

3. Drag and drop the new license to your iLok USB dongle.