Installation Guide - How To Install A Kontakt Library

Note: This procedure requires the application Native Access. If you have not installed it yet, you can download Native Access from this page.

After purchasing a KONTAKT Library from the NI Online Shop (e.g. Strummed Acoustics, Abbey Road Drummer Series, Alicia's Keys, etc.), the product will automatically be added to your Native Instruments account and appear in the 'Not Installed' tab of Native Access. Follow the steps below to set up the KONTAKT Library that you have purchased on the NI Online Shop.

Note: if you want to set up a third party KONTAKT Library, please read this article instead. If you want to set up a third party KONTAKT Library you have purchased in the NI online shop, contact the Library's manufacturer for setup instructions.

1: Start Native Access from the following location on your computer:
  • Mac: Macintosh HD > Applications > Native Access
  • Windows: C: > Program Files > Native Instruments > Native Access

2: Your newly purchased product appears in the 'Not installed' tab of Native Access. 

3: Press on the 'INSTALL' button above the purchased Library to launch the installation process.
Note: we recommend to install KONTAKT Libraries on an external hard drive. To do so, you must change the Content Location before launching the installation process.

4: During the download and installation of your product, Native Access displays an 'INSTALLING' progress bar under the product's name. Once the installation process is finished, the product will be marked in green as 'INSTALLED'. You can now close Native Access.

5: Start KONTAKT. Your Library now appears in the 'Libraries' Tab of the KONTAKT Browser. Double-click the Instrument's file in the Browser to load it to KONTAKT's Rack.