Installation Guide - eaReckon Products

eaReckon Product Install + Authorisation Guide

Your customer account (used to purchase products from the online shop) and your user account (used to register and authorize your products) are not linked for more privacy and security. Even if you already have a customer account, a user account must be created to download and authorize your products. A customer account uses an email address as login while a user account uses a ‘user name’. If you do not have a ‘user account’ at, please create one from the main site.

A confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address in order to validate your account.

Register The Product

Download & Install The Software

Authorising The Software

Challenge and Response Approach

Once the plugin is installed, please load it in your favourite DAW in order to get your Hardware ID.Register your Hardware ID at

Enter your Serial Number and Authorization Code in the plug-in:

Once your serial number is registered in your eaReckon user account, and as soon as your personal information can be (manually) checked by eaReckon, a Key File will be available in your « MY EARECKON » page. This authorization method is a faster and easier alternative to the Challenge/Response procedure.

Key File Approach