Install Omnisphere 2 Expansion Packs

The following guide will help you install your Omnisphere 2 Expansion Packs. Either checkout the Quick Installation Guide to get you going, or the Full Installation Guide, if you need some more details.

Quick Installation Guide

Step 1: Open Omnisphere 2 in your music host/DAW

Step 2: From the main Omnisphere interface, click the utility cog (top-left from middle of the screen)

Step 3: Click Install .omnisphere

Step 4: In the 'choose' window, locate your 3rd party expansion pack and click the '{product}.omnisphere' file and press 'Open'

Step 5: Follow the on screen prompts to install your new expansion pack.

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Full Installation Guide

Note: We are using Dark Ambience Patches for Omnisphere 2 as an example for this guide.

Step 1: Within your desired music host / DAW launch Omnisphere 2 and go to the main interface.

Step 2: Here you will need to locate the Utility Cog icon which is just off to the top-left from the middle of the screen.


Step 3: From the Utility menu, you will need to press Install .omnisphere

Step 4: You will then be prompted with an alert box and then asked to locate your install file.

Step 5: Navigate to your previously chosen download location and select the file
Time+Space Dark Ambience.omnisphere and press Open.

Step 6: If everything has been selected correctly, you should be prompted once again, advising you on the included contents of your selected expansion pack. Click OK to start the install.

Note: the expansion packs for Omnisphere 2 also contain audio Soundsource files, these can get fairly large in size and take up to a few minutes to install. You will be prompted again once installation has completed.

Locating Your 3rd Party Expansion Pack in Omnisphere 2

Once you have installed your expansion pack, you can locate the files at anytime within Omnisphere 2, by selecting the Directory box in the top-left and selecting Time+Space Dark Ambience.

Alternatively, you can open the Full Patch Browser, by selecting the Magnify Glass in the top-left and use the built-in Category system to navigate through the different patches.

Each patch in the Time+Space Dark Ambience pack includes a brief description to cover what has been used in the creation, as well as highlighting what can be done to manipulate the patch via the Mod Wheel.