Installation Guide - Audiority Plugins

Installation + Authorization Guide

To download and install your product, go to THE AUDIORITY SITE via this link and register (if you are not already registered with them):

Once you have registered, log-in and click on this link:

Enter the REDEEM CODE that we sent you and you will then be guided on how to download, install and authorize your product.

For further instructions read the PDF user manual here.

Installation Proccess: 

1. Visit Audiority to enter your personal details, as well as Copy and Paste the serial code that you were sent via email.

2. A message will be sent to your email address that you used to register your software redemption code with Audiority.

3. Check the inbox of your registered email to download your product licence file and preferred Mac or PC installer > select the .alf file in order to download the licence to a computer location of your choosing, and click on the 'Mac Version' or 'PC Version' hyperlink to initiate the downloading of the zip folder software.

4. Locate the installer file, and double-click it to begin the installation process, please note in this example we are using Mac (the same proccess is used for PC).

5. Select the software formats that you wish to install, if in doubt select all of them or research the file format of which you need.

6. Review the installation location and click 'Install'.

9. Click "Finish".


1. Open/Restart your DAW , and load the Plugin. Locate and select the 'audiority' icon,  then select 'Register.'

2. Select 'Load Licence.'

3. Locate the .alf licence file from the computer location, select the file and click 'open'.

4. Your software Licence is now succesfully registered.