Installation Guide - Bravura


Step 1: Download either the 16-bit or 24-bit samples (or both!) You can do this from the links you received after purchase, via your User Account area.

Step 2: Using WinRAR (PC) or UnRarX (OSX), double-click on the “Bravura Scoring Brass 16bit.part1.rar” file to create the Bravura Scoring Brass folder.

If you downloaded BOTH the 16-bit and 24-bit versions, hit “OK” if prompted to overwrite any files!

Step 3: Move the Bravura Scoring Brass folder to the location of your choice. We recommend an internal hard drive or a USB3 external drive.

Step 4: Open Kontakt in your DAW or in standalone mode. In the browser on the lefthand side, click "Add Library" and select the Bravura Scoring Brass folder you just created/moved. You will be prompted to activate the library from Kontakt.

Step 5: In the Service Center application, use the serial number we provided to activate the library.

Step 6: You can now use the library by going to the Instruments folder and selecting an NKI from either the 16-bitor 24-bit version (depending on what you downloaded).

Step 7: If the library loads properly with no “missing samples” errors, you can delete the RAR files downloaded earlier.