Installation Guide - CineSamples Products

Installing Your Cinesamples Product

Examples use CineStrings CORE

In your Downloads folder, or in the location you have told your browser to send your downloads, you will find the .rar files and .zip files shown here. Check that you have all of them, and that they are all completely downloaded. Next, open the installer zip file and launch the installer application. On Windows it may give you a warning that you need to extract the files - if so click “Extract All,” use the default extraction path, and then use the extracted folder to run the “CineStrings CORE” application file. If you see any errors when you launch the installer, make sure that your file structure looks exactly like this so it can find everything it needs.
Once youʼve accepted the license agreement, you can choose where the installer should put your CineStrings CORE library. Click “Browse,” navigate to your Sample hard drive, and select your Cinesamples folder (if this is your first Cinesamples library you may need to make one). You do not need to make a “CineStrings CORE” folder - the installer adds that automatically. Note that 45GB of space is required, so make sure you have it available (the application will crash if it runs out of space to put files). It should look like the pictures below afterwards. If you see an error at the end of the installation, you need to check your file sizes to make sure you downloaded everything completely. Note that if you hit “Cancel” during the installation, it will delete the progress youʼve made and youʼll have to start over. The final folders should have the structure shown in the picture below. 

Next, open Kontakt 5.3 or higher (Free Kontakt Player or Full Version), navigate to the Libraries tab, and select "Add Library" Navigate to and select your new CineStrings CORE folder, then click "Choose". CineStrings CORE is now available in the Libraries tab, but before you can use it out of demo mode you will need to run Native Instruments Service Center and enter the license code that was emailed to you when you made your purchase. After your product is authorized, you are ready to go!