Installation Guide - PEARL Concert Grand

Installation & Setup

Note: Pearl is a Kontakt instrument, requiring Kontakt (or Kontakt Player) version 5.3 or higher. Please ensure that Kontakt works properly on your machine before downloading, installing, or activating the library.

Step 1: First, ensure that you have downloaded all RAR archives for the instrument. You can verify that you have all files by checking your download page, which also displays the expected file sizes for each.

Step 2: Extract the library folder by extracting only the first RAR file (part1). You do not need to extract any other files. Free tools like WinRAR on Windows or UnRARX on OSX will allow you to extract these files.

Step 3: The resulting folder, “Pearl Concert Grand”, can now be moved to the location of your choice. We recommend putting it on an internal hard drive, and preferably a solid state drive for extra loading speed. An external hard drive is acceptable but may result in slower load times and reduced performance. If you must use an external drive, we recommend a USB3 or Thunderbolt drive.

Step 4: Once you have moved the library folder to the location of your choice, open Kontakt. Go to the Libraries tab, and click the "Add Library" button. Navigate to the extracted “Pearl Concert Grand” folder and select it. If you get a “NoLibrary Found!” error message, make sure you are selecting the folder that contains subfolders like “Instruments”and “Samples”.

If you are still getting errors, it is likely that you have an incomplete download - double-check that your RAR files are the correct size!

To activate the library, open the Service Center application on your computer once the library has been added to Kontakt. Enter the serial number you were sent via email, and on your order page, and click "Activate".

Step 5: Finally, restart Kontakt and click on Pearl Concert Grand in your library browser. You should now be able to load the master patch (“Pearl Concert Grand.nki”) or any Light patches by double-clicking, or dragging and dropping.