Installation Guide - ProjectSAM Titles (Download)

Download your library 

If you haven't done so yet, please download your library first. Please log in to / create a User Account on the ProjectSAM website, navigate to My Account to register a New Product - You will then receive the product serial number and the ability to download, you can do this manually through your browser or using the Downloader application.

Open the downloaded dmg or zip file 

When your download is finished you will find a single dmg (Mac) or zip (Windows) file in your download's destination folder. Please open this file by double-clicking it.

Note: opening the dmg or zip file may take 10 minutes or more, depending on the file size.

Copy the Library folder to a local drive

When the dmg or zip file has been opened you will find a Library folder inside. Copy this folder to a local drive, such as your internal hard drive or a dedicated drive that you use for samples. 

Mac only: after this step it is safe to eject the dmg disk image.

Make a backup for future installations 

Before continuing, we highly recommend that you make a safe backup of the dmg or zip file for future installations. While you are allowed to request redownloads of your library, it is much faster to simply retrieve the library package from a backup drive.

Install Kontakt Player (new users only!) 

If this is your first library that uses Native Instruments Kontakt, download and install the free Kontakt Player from Native Instruments.

Install Native Access (optional, but highly recommended!) 

We highly recommend that you install Native Access, which lets you download, install, activate, and update your Native Instruments software and Kontakt libraries from one single intuitive application. It also helps us to offer you technical support, if needed. You can download Native Access from Native Instruments.

Add your library to Kontakt

Open Kontakt and click the 'Add Library' button near the top-left corner. Locate the Library folder which you copied in step 3, select it and click 'Choose'.

Activate your library using your serial number 

Your new ProjectSAM library will now show up in Kontakt's Libraries list. To use your library without demo limitations it needs to be activated. Click the 'Activate' button in the library's listing on the left, log in using your Native Instruments account (not your ProjectSAM account!) and activate using your product serial number. You can find your product serial number in your ProjectSAM account as well as in your order confirmation e-mail.