Installation Guide - RealLPC4

Installing RealLPC PC version

Double-click RealLPC Installer file and follow the on-screen instructions.

In case your VST/VST3 plugins folder is not registered correctly RealLPC installer will not automatically install RealLPC.dll’s in the correct folder. So to let your VST host ‘find’RealLPC you have to manually copy RealLPC.dll, RealLPC (2 mono).dll, RealLPC (2stereo).dll, and RealLPC.vst3 files from RealLPC installation folder to your VSTplugins/VST3 directory.

Installing RealLPC Mac version

Double-click RealLPC Installer icon and follow the on-screen instructions.

Managing Sound Bank

Note, that the installer will create 44.1 kHz sample rate sound bank. In case your audio settings has other than 44.1 kHz sample rate, RealLPC on launching will ask if you want to optimize the sound bank to match your audio settings.

Selecting ‘Create Optimized Bank’ will bring up RealLPC Bank Manager, which will automatically create the needed sample rate sound bank.

You can also manually run Bank Manager to create sound bank(s) optimized for the sample rate(s) you normally use in your audio work.

To run Bank Manager

PC: Go to Start menu->All Programs->MusicLab RealLPC 4->RealLPC Bank Manager, or alternatively double-click the StgMan.exe icon found in RealLPC installation folder (by default: C:\Program Files\MusicLab\RealLPC 4).

Mac: Run RealLPC standalone version and select Sound Bank Manager in RealLPC Application menu.

In the opened Bank Manager window, check the appropriate sample rate box(es) and click 'Apply' to start sound bank creating.

Close Bank Manager when sound bank installation is completed. Note, that higher sample rate value will install larger target sound bank.