Installation Guide - Shreddage 2 SRP


Step 1: Using your browser or our downloader app, download the library files. If you’re using the downloader, skip to Step 3.

Step 2: Using a program like WinRAR (PC) or UnRarX (Mac), double-click to extract the library folder. This should create a folder labeled “Shreddage 2 SRP”.

Step 3: Open your existing Shreddage 2 folder. You can find the folder easily by opening Kontakt, clicking the Gear icon next to Shreddage 2 in your "Libraries" tab, and then clicking “Open Containing Folder”.

Step 4: Move ALL files from the Shreddage 2 SRP folder to the existing Shreddage 2 folder. If prompted, MERGE and DO NOT OVERWRITE existing files.

Step 5: Refresh the Kontakt Libraries tab, then load the Shreddage 2 SRP instrument from your Shreddage 2 Instruments folder.


Follow the above process from Steps 1-3.

Step 3: Place the downloaded “Shreddage II.nicnt” file into your Shreddage 2 SRP folder.

Step 4: Open Kontakt, click the "Libraries" tab, and select “Add Library”. Select the Shreddage 2 SRP folder. Note that the folder you select must be “Shreddage 2 SRP”, which contains subfolders like "Instruments and Data".

Step 5: Open Native Instruments Service Center and input the Shreddage 2 serial you received via email.

Step 6: The library is now activated; restart Kontakt for the changes to take effect.