Installation Guide - Softube Plugins

Installation Guide

Please follow these steps to activate your product:

You will need to register your license in the Register License section of your My account page. Please enter the 16-digit license code (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) that you have received from us, and confirm by clicking the 'Register License' button. This will deposit the license directly to your Softube account. 

To install Softube Plugins, see the steps below:

Mac: All installation is handled through the new Softube Central application. 

Windows: Installation is currently handled through individual installers, with license activation through iLok License Manager. The process is detailed on the Welcome to our new web page.

Note: All products require at least Intel Core/AMD Athlon 64 or better processor. Please see the System Requirements for more information. If you have an older system, go to the Legacy Installers page.