Installation Guide - Titan 4

Download and install Titan 4 

If you have not already done so, you can download Titan 4 from and install it. The disk image (.dmg) file that you downloaded should open and the installer run automatically after downloading. If it does not, for any reason, open the disk image that is mounted on the desktop and double-click the Titan 4.n.n package icon contained therein. You will be guided through the various steps to install the software. This will install a folder called ‘Titan4’ in your Applications folder. Notice that a copy of Titan 3 has also been installed in a sub-folder. This is included for backward compatibility, for use with Pro Tools session files created prior to Pro Tools 7.4. Titan 4 works with Pro Tools 7.4 and 8 session files (which use an identical session file format).

Demonstration mode

When you first download and install Titan 4, it will run in a fully functional demonstration mode for the number of days shown in the start up screen that appears when you open an unauthorised copy of Titan. 

Software authorization

Titan uses the iLok system for authorization and, once installed, your license will reside on a USB ‘smart Key’. If you already have a license installed on your iLok, you can skip this section on authorization. Once your iLok Key contains a Titan license, plug the Key into a USB port on the computer that runs your audio editing software to run your Titan in an authorized mode. iLok Keys can hold licenses for a number of protected software products. You can have licenses from Synchro Arts and other software vendors on the same iLok. Licenses for Titan are downloaded from an account.

Obtaining your license 

Step 1: If you haven't done so, you need to inform Synchro Arts (or your software dealer) of your User ID (This is normally done when you purchase your software.) 

Step 2: Synchro Arts will deposit a license into your account and notify you.

How to install your Titan 4 License from onto your iLok Key

Step 1: Insert the iLok Key into an available USB port on your computer and ensure its indicator light is lit.

Step 2: Log in to your account at

Step 3: On, if you have received notification from Synchro Arts that your electronic license has been deposited, then your authorization is available for transfer. Your account will display a notice saying ‘You have licenses’. Select that link to start the transfer.

Step 4: The next page on will display the pending licenses available for download, along with the name of the application, the manufacturer, the type of authorization (Demo, Not For Resale, or License), the date the authorization was deposited, and the date when the authorization will no longer be available for download from the server.

Step 5: Before an authorization transfer can take place, synchronize your iLok Smart Key with

Step 6: Once you have synchronized your iLok, select the authorization(s) you wish to transfer to your iLok. If you have multiple iLoks connected to your computer, it is important to select the correct iLok as the destination to which you want an authorization to be transferred.

Step 7: On, click Download Licenses to begin the process. When the transfer finishes you will be asked to confirm completion, indicating that the transfer was successful.