Installation Guide - UJAM Products

To register and download your UJAM product, please go to the following link:

You will receive your code in a separate email, which will be sent after your purchase.

Trying, Buying, Authorizing

When opening UJAM Products during the trial period (or when clicking the Authorize button in the menu bar), you will see this overlay which  displays information about your trial status, provides a link to the Virtual Guitarist website where you can purchase a permanent Virtual Guitarist Product license after or during the trial  period. Allows you to enter your credentials and authorize the Virtual Guitarist Product once you’ve purchased it.

Where to put the Content 

The actual guitar goodness of any UJAM  Product – the audio content – is packed into a so-called blob file named VG-(ProductName).blob. You can keep the blob file anywhere you like (e.g. on a separate content drive). During standard installation, it will be put into the following locations on your main system drive:

OS X: /Library/Application Support/UJAM/VG(ProductName)
Windows C:-\\ProgramData/UJAM/(ProductName)/

Installing to a different drive on OS X

If you wish to install the blob file onto a separate drive, you can set a different content installation folder in the installer.

• Open the installer and follow the procedure to step “Installation Type”
• Click “VG (ProductName) Content” to select it – as shown in the image below – and follow the instructions in the installer.

Installing to a different drive on Windows

The Windows installer will automatically ask you if you want to install the content to a different directory. In Windows, you can also set a different location for the plug-in, however we recommend to leave this untouched unless you have a good reason.

Changing the content location after installation

You can always change the content location after installation by just moving the VG-(ProductName).blob file:

• Move your file to the desired location (different folder or different drive)
• Launch your DAW and open your Virtual Guitarist Product. It will present you with a dialog asking for the file location. Simply point to the new location of the VG(ProductName).blob file – done.