Installation Guide - VSL

Activate VSL Software

Activating Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) software requires a Vienna Key and the eLicenser Control Center app. Once purchased from us, your products will be added to your MyVSL account. You need to access the Activation Code for each product from your account and add them to your Vienna Key with the eLicenser app. 

Install eLicenser Control Center

1. Visit the eLicenser Control Center page.

2. Select the Current Downloads button and click the link for your operating system (Windows or macOS) to start the download.

3. Once the download completes, open your Downloads folder and run the installer. Windows users double-click the eLicenserControlSetup.exe installer file. Mac users double-click the eLicenserControl.dmg file and then double-click the eLicenserControlSetup.pkg installer file in the new window.


Register Vienna Key

1. Visit the MyKEYS page of your MyVSL account.

2. Enter the Serial Number.

3. Click Register.

Where is the Vienna Key Serial Number and Checksum?

Your Vienna Key’s Serial Number and Checksum can be seen in the eLicenser Control Center. Launch the app and connect your Vienna Key to view its information.


Enter VSL Activation Code

1. Open the email you received from VSL after purchase and copy the Activation Code.

2. Launch the eLicenser Control Center app and connect your Vienna Key.

3. Click Enter Activation Code, enter/paste the Activation Code, and click Continue.

eLicenser Control Center

Your VSL software is licensed with the eLicenser USB dongle (Vienna Key) and eLicenser Control Center app. Your VSL apps won’t open without them. If you can’t locate your Activation Code, visit the MyPRODUCTS page of your MyVSL account, find your product, and click the “i” icon to the left of the serial number. Learn more about the eLicenser Control Center.



Download and Install

Once activated to the Vienna Key USB dongle, you now are ready to download and install all of your VSL software. Visit your MyPRODUCTS page, download all the PC or Mac files, and then install them. Each product may have multiple files available for download, so make sure to only select and view the applicable installer files from the filter section. Follow these steps to install your VSL software.

Download VSL Software & .vsldownload files

1. Visit your MyVSL page.

2. In the filters section, check Software Installers, Synchron Library Downloads, and VI Library Downloads to view all available software downloads.

3. Click each file to download it.

Vienna Instruments vs. Vienna Ensemble

Vienna Instruments is a library player which loads samples to create a virtual instrument. Vienna Ensemble is a host, meaning it can host multiple instances of Vienna Instruments and other Vienna plug-ins like Vienna Suite and MIR.


Install Vienna Instruments or Ensemble Software

1. Open your Downloads folder.

2. Windows users double-click the .exe installer file. Mac users double-click the .dmg file and then double-click the .pkg installer file in the new window.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Standalone or plug-in

Both Vienna Instruments and Ensemble software are available as standalone applications and plug-ins. Once installed, MIR and Vienna Suite are selectable as plug-ins within your DAW and Vienna software.