iZotope RX Final Mix Updates

iZotope RX Final Mix Updates

iZotope have released an update, version 1.03 to RX Final Mix. This is a free update for registered users. Just go to the iZotope website and use your registered account email address to download the latest update.

RX Final Mix - 1.03

Updates and fixes:

- Updates to authorization system to support the use of iLok License Manager v3.0

RX Final Mix - 1.02

Updates and fixes:

Fixed AU validation issue on OS X El Capitan
Fixed an issue with dialogue boxes not showing on OS X El Capitan

Updates to the Equalizer module:
- Significant performance enhancements to the Band Shelf filter, offering up to a 60% reduction
in CPU usage (based on preset settings).
- Significant performance enhancements for all band shapes. Overall performance with static
bands is 33% faster (25% reduction in CPU performance when no Band Shelf Filters are used).
Using only Band Shelf filters results in up to 650% faster performance and 85% reduction in
- Significant performance enhancements to the Dynamic EQ.

Updates to the Limiter module:
- Added significantly lower latency limiting algorithm for 97% reduction in latency
compensation, as low as 120 samples at 48 kHz.
- “Optimize for” switches between the original algorithm optimized for transparency, and the
new algorithm, optimized for latency.

Updates to the Options window:
- “Enable True Bypass” added to General tab. When enabled, bypassing a module also disengages
that module’s latency compensation.

Miscellaneous updates:
- AU now supports 5.1 channel configurations.
- Added VST support for Edius (stereo only).
- Miscellaneous performance fixes and improvements.

RX Final Mix - 1.0

Initial release