iZotope Stutter Edit Updates

iZotope have released an update, version 1.05 to the Stutter Edit. This is a free update for registered users. Just go to the iZotope website and use your registered account email address to download the latest update.

Stutter Edit - 1.05

Updates and fixes:

Updates are always incorporated into the latest Stutter Edit installer, so to update to the latest
version, just download and install Stutter Edit. It is not necessary to uninstall before installing,
and it will not be necessary to reauthorize.

Installing Stutter Edit updates will return factory presets to their original state. If you have
saved over any of the factory presets with your own settings without changing their names, we
recommend you rename those presets with unique names before installing updates (unless you want the
original settings back). Installing updates will not affect any presets that you have given new
unique names to or created from scratch. Any settings saved with host sessions will also be

In addition, you can simply back up your presets folder before installing the update if you are
unsure if this will affect you. For more information on backing up Stutter Edit presets, refer to
this knowledgebase article.

Enhancements and fixes:
- Fixed crash in all hosts/formats on OS X 10.10.
- Fixed crash in AAX Windows when the system was low on memory.

Stutter Edit - 1.04

Updates and fixes:

Plug-in formats:
Added 64-bit AAX support for Pro Tools 11

Please note: This update no longer supports 32-bit AAX. Customers accustomed to using 32-bit AAX
in Pro Tools 10 can instead use the RTAS plug-in format without any degradation in audio quality.
For your convenience, any session saved with the 32-bit AAX version of Stutter Edit will
automatically open with RTAS.

Stutter Edit - 1.03

Updates and fixes:

- Added support for Pro Tools 9.0.5
- Added 64-bit iLok support for OS X and Windows

Stutter Edit - 1.02

Updates and fixes:

Introduced the new iZotope Crash Reporter to help customers automatically submit crash reports to
iZotope for rapid diagnosis & bugfixing.

Stutter Edit - 1.01

Updates and fixes:

New Features:

- Quantize Step Time max range has been extended from 1/64 to 1/256T
- Less resonant "Gentle" Global Filter mode available in Settings Menu
- Triggering an empty gesture key/note will gate Delay feedback (useful as an effect or as a
"Panic Mode" for extreme delay settings)
- VST 3 support
- Preset Manager: folders can now be deleted for easier management, and SE will now warn before
overwriting presets with duplicate names
- UI refinements, including improved parameter value displays and control improvements, typing to
enter note values, more

- Many fixes to Generator. Generator was in rare cases producing loud unexpected noises/runaway
delays, and this has been fixed for this patch
- Other plug-ins including some Arturia synths could cause Stutter Edit to stop working when
entering text. This has been resolved
- Rare user-reported crashes in several hosts including Logic, Live and Pro Tools have been fixed,
and new safeguards added for live performance stability
- Authorization problems on 64-bit versions of Windows and some 32-bit hosts have been fixed
- Several host-specific bugs with gestures when bouncing tracks and settling (stopping transport)
have been fixed