Known support concerns with Windows 8

Microsoft have said that Windows 8 is compatible with all windows 7 hardware.

Does Windows 8 run 32 bit and 64 bit applications?

Yes, Windows 8 is available in 32 bit and in 64 bit, allowing for application support.

Please see the Microsoft system requirements page for more details, click here.

Which VST plug-ins support Windows 8?

Currently many developers are still testing with the new Windows 8, and some issues may arise that may require a software update. At present we have confirmation from the following developers:

Overloud - Windows 8 supported updates released

Rob Papen - So far there are no known support issues

Spectrasonics - So far so good with Windows 8 and the latest versions of Omnisphere, Trilian, or Stylus RMX

Latest ESI Drivers for Windows 8?
For the latest drivers from ESI to run your hardware in Windows 8, please check for your product in the listing linked here.

Can't close applications in Windows 8?
For more information on Windows 8 issues and help, please see the Microsoft support website, linked here.