Logic Pro X - Requires 64 bit AU Plug-ins

The release of Apple's Logic Pro X has seen a vast addition to the power that was already in Logic Pro 9.

There  are still a few features - like an update to the EXS24 Sampler, that we  would like to see enhanced, but Apple may very well be keeping some  things back for a future update.

Logic Pro 9  enabled users to run their third-party AU plug-ins in both 32 and 64  bit. With the update of Logic Pro X, Apple have now removed the support  of 32 bit plug-ins in Logic Pro X, and now only 64 bit AU plug-ins are supported. 

With this update, Apple have also upped the minimum system requirements to OS X 10.8.4 and a 64 bit core processor.

A fair majority of the plug-ins available through Time+Space have been 64 bit compatible for a while. These include:



Rob Papen





Native Instruments - Kontakt 5

If you are having issues getting your AU plug-ins into Logic Pro X  then we suggest you double check your user account on the website from  the plug-in manufacturer, to ensure you are running the latest available  updates. Just because you have previously downloaded an update, does  not mean that you are actually using the latest version as your engine. 

Alternatively, you can check through our Product Update section at Time+Space to see what the latest available versions of your products are.