Missing Audio File in Zero-G Distorted Dancefloors

When you attempt to load in the DD Pads file in  Kontakt, you will be prompted that the audio file  "G_Orchestra_Spectral_#4FDB6.wav" is missing.

The audio file is there, but you will need to create a new link to it.

To do this, you will need to locate the folder Distorted Dancefloors > DD Acidized Wav Files > DD Pads

In this folder you will need to locate the audio file "G_Orchestra_Spectral_Descent.a.wav" and duplicate/copy it.

With this duplicated file please rename it to "G_Orchestra_Spectral_#4FDB6.wav"

Please Note: on OSX the # key is Alt+3

The file needs to be duplicated so that both file names are present in the  folder; this is so that other samplers can still locate it under the original name.

Now relaunch your Kontakt application and the DD Pads should now fully load (it was the G2 key that was previously missing).