MOJO: Horn Section

Vir2 have released an update, version 1.2.1 to MOJO: Horn Section. This is a free update for registered users. Just go to the Vir2 downloads page to download the latest update.

MOJO - 1.2.1

Updates and fixes

- New microtuning feature available in the main menu, allowing for instant access to more than a
  dozen different common alternate tunings.
- All instruments tweaked sonically to improve their overall sound.
- Improved sound and performance for Punch feature, now converted to a pulldown menu (adjustable
  from 1-5, see screenshot on right).
- Improved load time across all instruments.
- Optimized polyphony usage across all instruments, resulting in less voices used and less CPU hit.
- Trombone doit release issue fixed.
- Improved tempo-syncing of all crescendos and swells across all instruments.
- Improved quality of timestretching of all crescendos and swells across all instruments -
  Miscellaneous tuning improvements across the library.
- EZRoom loading fixed.
- CIL Trombone script issue fixed.

Documentation Notes
A few of the MIDI CC designations in the printed manual are now slightly altered:
- CC#62 is now Legato: Use rule-based legato selection (=0), or manually overwrite to use Legato
  1, 2, or 3
- CC#68 (formerly Punch Mode) is now Micro Tuning Amount.
- CC#69 is now Micro Tuning Key.
- On page 30 of the manual, in the middle column, the very last entry reads “064 Character” but
  should read “066 Character”.
- On page 31 of the manual, in the third column, the first entry reads “011 On/Off” but
  should read “111 On/Off” instead.

Users who wish to completely bypass all humanizing features should use the Setup menu to navigate
to the Instrument page, then set the alternation menu to either Sample Set A or B, then turn the
H range knob to zero. By doing these two changes, MOJO will stop all humanizing functions.