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Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6 FAQ

26/09/2016Zia McKie
How to download Kontakt 5.6 update? Users are still able to use the Service Centre to download latest updates for Kontakt, however moving forward all Native Instruments products (including Maschine) will be supported within the Native Access appl...

Is Kontakt 5 Compatible with OS X 10.12 Sierra and Logic Pro X

07/04/2014Zia McKie
Upgrade options for Kontakt 4 users.

What are Kontakt Files & Kontakt Libraries?

23/01/2014Zia McKie
Kontakt Libraries can be used in the free Kontakt Player. Kontakt Files require the full Kontakt engine to be used.

How to use Kontakt Files

23/01/2014Zia McKie
How to load in Kontakt Files into Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

What is the difference between Kontakt 5 Player and Kontakt 5?

22/01/2014Zia McKie
What is the difference between Native Instrument Kontakt 5 and the free Kontakt 5 Player?

How to use the Kontakt Quick-Load feature

22/01/2014Zia McKie
How to setup the Native Instruments Quick Load

What are NCW files?

16/08/2012Zia McKie
NCW stands for Native Compressed Wave files. A lossless form of compression.

Kontakt 5 'Major Problems, Crash'

08/08/2017Zia McKie
If your Kontakt 5 player has encountered a major problem and has been terminated, please try the following solution. To reset Kontakt's database information to its default library and user paths please do the following: For PC go to C:\Users\...

Why do my factory library patches not appear in the KONTAKT database?

05/07/2017Zia McKie
In order to make the factory library available in  the KONTAKT database, the factory library folder must be in the folder  list on the Database tab in the  main options of KONTAKT. Per default the factory library path is added  t...

Factory Presets Do Not Show Up in the MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 5 or FM8 Browser

17/05/2017Zia McKie
Factory Presets Do Not Show Up in the MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 5 or FM8 Browser