Orchestral Essentials 1 Updates

ProjectSAM have released an update, version 1.2 to Orchestral Essentials 1. This is a free update for registered users. Just go to your ProjectSAM user account to download the latest update.

Orchestral Essentials 1 - 1.2

Updates and fixes:

- 13 new inspiring multis
- New trailer hits and dark atmospheres
- Revised, super-tight string pizzicatos
- Speed control for all orchestral effects
- Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) support
- Various other fixes and improvements

Orchestral Essentials 1 - 1.1

IMPORTANT: This update requires version 5.3 of Kontakt or Kontakt Player!
You cannot load Orchestral Essentials 1.1 in earlier versions of Kontakt.

Orchestral Essentials 1.1 adds 2.5 GB (1.2 GB in Kontakt´s compressed NCW format)
of new content for all registered Orchestral Essentials users.

Updates and fixes:

- Celli + Basses real legato in octaves (stage mic, 2 layers)
- Full Choir Aahs (stage mic, 2 layers)
- Brass Staccato Mutes (stage mic)
- Flute and Piccolo Octave Runs (close mic, major/mior, up/down)
- New World Percussion drums kit (previously unreleased percussion samples!)
- Tubular Bells (close mic)
- 8 New Multis
- New Full Orchestra instrument
- Various programming fixes
- Graphical interface tweaks