Palette Install Guide

Extracting Palette

1: Download your .rar files and check that the total size of the .rar files matches the size displayed on the webpage. 

2: Open the main Palette .rar file with the appropriate extraction software (winRAR etc). The file name is displayed in this format:

3: When the extraction is complete you should have a single folder entitled 'Palette' with all of the data inside. 

4: Open the Palette-'library-name'-SAMPLES.part01.rar with the appropriate extraction software. You don't need to do anything with the other sample folders, and make sure you only have part 1 selected when you begin extraction.

5: Make sure all of the extracted samples go into your first Palette folder. If this creates a new Palette folder, then copy and paste your samples into the original Palette folder and choose the 'Merge' option if prompted.

6: Once you are sure that Palette has been extracted correctly, you can delete the .rar files. 

Registering your first Palette title

1: Run the Native Access application, and log into your Native Instruments account. 

2: Click the 'Add A Serial' button, and copy your RedRoomAudio Palette serial number into the space. 

3: Click 'Add Serial' and wait for it to be verified.

4: When prompted, click the 'BROWSE' button and navigate to the place that you extracted your Palette folder to on your hard drive. Remember to select the main file, and not any file inside.

5: Click Install

Installing extra Palette libraries

Download and extract the files of your new Palette library in the same way as your original one. 

Drag and drop the files into your original Palette folder and click the 'MERGE' option when prompted.