Problems installing Ivory Grand Pianos II

Ivory II - Grand Pianos
Problems installing Ivory Grand Pianos II

If you experience a problem installing a file from any of your Ivory Grand II USBs, please follow the suggestions below.

1. Try dragging the file manually from the USB into the Ivory Items folder on your hard drive.

2. Try using a different USB drive or another computer to read the file from the USB, then move it to the Ivory Items folder on your hard drive using a flash drive or other portable media.

3. To resume the installation where it left off, open the Ivory Items/Tools folder and launch the Ivory Library Installer.

4. When the installation is complete, open the Ivory Items/Tools folder, launch the Ivory Library Tool, and Verify the library.

5. If no errors are reported, then your Ivory Grand Pianos II library has been successfully installed.  You may want to backup the entire Ivory Items folder to a separate hard drive, if possible. That way, if you ever need to re-install Ivory in the future, you will have all the required files in one place.  

6. If these methods are unsuccessful, please contact us to request either a replacement disc, or we can give you access to the content files, to be downloaded and installed manually. Please contact Time+Space Technical Support at, or Synthogy Tech Support at